Conveying a Brand

When coming up with a winning marketing idea there are several things to bear in mind. One of the most important roles of a designer is communicating the identity of the company being advertised.

The most successful businesses have a unique selling point. If they have a clear brand it will help to distinguish them from similar firms. A designer will need to collaborate with their client and figure out the best ways to convey the brand to the general public.

It is useful to analyse successful brand designs of the past. For example, the British news industry contains a plethora of competing companies. However, The Guardian has managed to set itself apart through its logo, font and colour scheme. When readers click onto their site they know immediately which news outlet they are dealing with.

Designers can utilise a range of tactics to help boost the public awareness of brands. It is vital that they get approval from the client before going ahead. Throughout the process they may need to redraft until a final version is completed. The designer needs to be patient and take all feedback on board.