Print Campaigns

When the printing press was invented it changed the nature of marketing forever. It meant that large scale campaigns no longer needed to be created by hand. Instead a huge number of identical ads could be produced and distributed. A wide range of different industries began to utilise this new innovative technology.

In the modern world, there are many newspapers and magazines for people to choose from. It is often forgotten that print media was once much less automated. The publications of the past were limited to their local communities. It took a fair amount of time before papers with nationwide runs were finally established. When this happened it meant that specific ads could be seen by people all over the country.

Over the years several high profile newspaper outlets have moved online. There are some exceptions. For example, Sky News never had a print counterpart. This shows that the industry is no longer entirely paper based. Magazines have also started to become digitised. Interestingly the ads are still displayed in page form similar to how they would be viewed in hard copy. The main reason for this is the fact that most readers would have initially been introduced to the magazine in a traditional print media format. In order for these businesses to successfully transition to digital they need to keep their original clientele.

Whilst e-reading devices are very popular standard books have not died out completely. However, marketing companies are less likely to place ads in these publications compared to newspapers and magazines. If there are ads they will tend to be focused on upcoming titles by either the book author or publishing house.