Wellington Combined Taxis ID

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Wellington Combined Taxis is one of the oldest and most trusted transport service providers in Wellington. However, copy-cats had diluted their brand presence and, as a result, eaten into their market share. It was time to change.

Aside from being old and tired, there was confusion in the general public with the multiple taxi brands looking like Wellington Combined. They then searched for a creative partner to revitalise their entire look and help reinforce their market leader status.

The objective. Create a strong brand with high visibility and ‘new’ Wellington colours to own (not exclusively yellow and black). We found that consumers’ recall and trust of the brand name was high, so clarity with the re-brand was key. It was also seen as the cab of choice (when people could tell the difference) between a Combined taxi and a copy-cat. The functional requirement was also for a distinctive, durable roof hat. The old was distinctive many years ago, but had been copied by most taxi brands in the region.

The idea. ‘You can’t beat Wellington on a good day’ is one of the regions catch cries. Based on this statement, we were able to inform the distinctive brand look. This gave a sense of place to the identity. The shape of the harbour, the wind swirling (it’s a windy place!), the Wellington environment and, by chance, the roof hat design looks like a ‘Kiwi’ riding on the roof! This then informed the colour palette of green and blues.

The outcome.  A new corporate identity emerged, the taxis were transformed over a long weekend, rolling out vastly different to other taxi brands in the region. This had a massive impact helping them regain their position as Wellington’s leading, most trusted taxi company. The overwhelming success of the brand in Wellington has meant that it is now moved to become the nations largest taxi company and is recognized in every major city.


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