Cuba Street Carnival

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Cuba Street Carnival started in 1999 as a celebration of the vibrant, artistic, and cultural community of Wellington’s Cuba Street. Its popularity caused it to become one of New Zealand’s largest street festivals with over 100,000 people partying hard over three days and nights. Our commission was to create an identity that could stand the test of time – staying true to the Wellington Cuba Street roots and the world renowned South American party vibe.

cubastreetcarnival_ID.jpg cubastreetcarnival_banner.jpg cubastreetcarnival_tabloid.jpg cubastreetcarnival_poster2.jpg cubastreetcarnival_street.jpg cubastreetcarnival_flags.jpg cubastreetcarnival_concert.jpg cubastreetcarnival_busback.jpg cubastreetcarnival_busart.jpg cubastreetcarnival_billboard.jpg cubastreetcarnival_night.jpg

  • Best Awards: Identity

  • Best Awards: Environmental Graphics